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Bill Barlow
President and Chief Executive Officer

 Barlow’s LinkedIn profile was one of the top 1% most viewed @LinkedIn profiles for 2012

Bill is a strategic branding expert with 28+ years of branding, public relations, advertising and international trade experience.  Throughout his career, he has demonstrated his ability to communicate the relevant messages about products which causes the target audience to respond.  One area of Barlow’s expertise is in live television shopping.  He is one of a hand-full of specialists to have physically visited every 24/hour live shopping channel around the globe.  This experience has made him an expert at translating branding and sales messages between cultures for maximum sales throughout the world.  Barlow has a unique ability to solve marketing problems and find effective solutions to issues that would otherwise inhibit the success of a product.  In other words he is not limited by traditional thinking and practices.  This approach has allowed Barlow to participate in many innovations and new technology applications.  Overall Barlow’s methods and experience have generated over three billion dollars in retail sales of consumer products.

Interesting Facts: In 2012, Bill went around the world 7 times and none of it was vacation.

Barlow’s noteworthy career highlights:
Devolved and patented a new broadcast method allowing shopping channels to remotely control studios.  These studios could be anywhere in the world.
Co-founder of Famous Discoveries, an international direct-to-consumer marketing company that specialized in direct response brand development commercial campaigns.
Vice President of Brand Management for Thane International.
Barlow established the Interactive Services and Marketing divisions for Sahlman–Williams, a public relations and marketing firm in Tampa, Florida.
Barlow co-founded OmniCast Corporation and branded its online division under the name FanClubMusic.com.  Here, Barlow pioneered the “Content, Commerce, Communication” marketing model, integrating traditional television and streaming video, ecommerce, and information.
Served as Executive Director of Production of HSN Direct, a division of the Home Shopping Network.  He was the executive producer for several of the company’s top selling products and managed a $3 million annual television production budget.
Co-founded New Media Marketing and authored its business plan. New Media was a marketing & consulting firm that specialized in the incorporation of emerging media tools.

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